Oh Come-on Now, Old Girl

Oh Come-on Now, Old Girl

  • Artist:: Brian Jones
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Digital painting by Brian Jones, 370 hours

Limited Edition Giclee Repligraph and Authentication Certificate of only 200 copies

Brian had for a long time visualised and wanted to create a painting featuring the cab environment of a typical Class 40, but had previously never been able to gather quite enough reference material to confidently pull it off - despite spending a lot of time with the fleet in his youth and with a couple of machines later, in preservation. Structuring it was something of a challenge and a compromise. This is 40107, an ‘EQ’ vacuum-braked example in 1981, as it slips in the wet conditions and its Guide Bridge-based driver begins to complain. This work has decades of Class 40 operating stories to tell and something of a tale of those, often quite senior, ex-steam men, who operated them at this time.

Print Image Dimensions : 620 x 456 mm

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