Ordering & Delivery Information

Order Processing

Orders are processed at the end of each working day, on the day of confirmed receipt of payment by PayPal transaction;
Giclee prints are produced bespoke, to order, to the dimensions specified for each print;
Print production turnaround time is nominally within 14 working days;
Upon completing the order process, please check that the order items, your address and contact details are correct before making the PayPal payment.

Packaging & Delivery

The print production vendor will ship prints directly to clients on behalf of The Emotive Locomotive, to any address around the globe;
Packaging is tubular and shipping costs are weight/volume based, calculated by the print vendor and reviewed annually;
Multiple print orders are shipped collectively;
Clients are notified by e-mail when shipments are en-route and provided with a tracking reference;
Delivery is not time specified, but UK deliveries are usually achieved within 48 hours of shipment,
European Union shipments within 5 days and global shipments within 12 days.

Damaged Shipments Notification


Always use clean, dry hands and do not touch the printed surface.
If there are paper fragments or small contaminants on the surface, your framer will use a soft dry brush to remove them before framing.
A print should always be unpacked on a clean, smooth surface and remain completely protected until framing.


If you suspect a print arrives in a damaged condition: the packaging it arrived in must be photographed first, before opening; upon opening, if the print is damaged, it must be photographed.
After completing the form below, images must be attached to a notification e-mail sent to admin@emotivelocomotive.co.uk in order to qualify for replacement.

Before replacement, the damaged print must be subsequently photographed in a destroyed condition (by ripping vertically and horizontally) and those photographs supplied prior to shipping of a replacement to you.