Class 55 Deltic Portrait D9012 Crepello

Class 55 Deltic Portrait D9012 Crepello

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Digital painting by Brian Jones, 178 hours

Limited Edition Giclee Repligraph & Authentication Certificate of only 10 copies.

Finsbury Park-based 55012 was one of 8 machines named after racehorses that had won one of ‘the classics’ of the horse racing world. The was the first Deltic that the artist ever set eyes upon, on then still unfamiliar territory at Manchester Victoria, in 1979. A year later, it was the first of the type he’d ever rode behind, from York to Newcastle. Deltics were something of a handful to both maintain and operate there is no doubt, but as British locomotives design went in the late 1950s early 1960s, they were about as large, beautiful and powerfull as could possibly achieved at the time.

Print Image Dimensions : 500 x 324 mm

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